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  • What is the difference between group tour & private tour
    GROUP TOUR is a tour package with a predetermined date, itinerary & package price. Usually group tours are cheaper because the slots tend to be more. PRIVATE TOUR is a tour that is arranged based on a customer's request. The ideal minimum number of private tour participants is 6 people, but if you have 1-5 people you can still go, only the cost will be more expensive because there are fewer people who cover the cost of the guide/private car. That is the reason why the more participants, the cheaper the tour costs - The tour period is according to the desired date / month - The itinerary or travel route is flexible - Your tour group is not mixed with other groups - The tour is not bound by a schedule & not rushed - Costs are determined by yourself according to budget and needs, then we arrange
  • What is the benefit of private tour?
    Private tour is very suitable for those who: - Tour with parents who get tired easily - Tour with small children / babies who are still fussy - Want the tour to be relaxed or flexible - Want to Explore Japan like a local - Second timers who want to explore tourist attractions, bars / unique places that are anti-mainstream and rarely visited by tourists, and so on
  • How to book a Private Tour?
    - Fill in the booking request form at: - We will send your travel itinerary & quotation. - We will contact you to discuss and revise your itinerary, if you agree, you can Book & Payment. - And we will pick you up on the date
  • What is included in our package?
    We offer a wide range of services to ensure that you can enjoy traveling in Japan as you imagined. Some of our popular services are - Transportation during the tour (Private car & public transport: subway, shinkansen, etc.) - Experienced Tour Guide, Travel Companion & Online Virtual Guide - Accommodation (hotels & apartments) - Attraction Ticket & Entrance Fee
  • What is not included in our package?
    - Meals; We really appreciate the various food tastes of each of our tour participants, from Halal to Vegetarian. Please contact us further if you want to discuss food packages. - Plane Tickets & Japanese Visas; You can choose and determine your own departure date & airline according to your wishes. Please also contact us if you need assistance in processing a Japanese visa.
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