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Microbus Coaster / Rosa

Max 18 Passengers

Max 27 Passengers

With 18 Luggage

Without Luggage

All Price Including : Indonesian or English Driver, Tax 10%, Use 10 Hours/Day tour, Gasoline/Fuel, Highway Fee, Parking Fee, Driver Meal & Accomodation, Overtime Charge: ¥10.000/Hours - MAX 2 HOURS/DAY Exclude : Tipping driver : JPY 3.000/coach/day - Fuji Level 5 : + ¥4.000 We are an official Japan Transportation. Japan Transportation Legal no: 490 According to a Very strict Japanese law and regulation, daily journey should set to within 12 hours, and time cannot be extended And maximum service hours must be end at 21.00 Option: Guide INDONESIAN OR ENGLISH Basic fee :¥ 25.000/Day Exclude: meal, tipping, hotel (if overnight), transport, and phone call.

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